EN: What really matters?

What really, really matters?

Three years ago together with my classmate and colleague Bogi Manev we recorded two songs. It all happened by chance. Though we are graduates and studied at one and the same high school we had never been friends. I had no idea that he was interested in rap music, that he writes lyrics ( really good lyrics) and he….I don’t know what he knew about me.
One day somebody just gave me a disc with the song „What really matters” and offered me to take part in the project. I didn’t know the song was his. “It is to one boy from Kyustendil”- that is what they told me.
I hoped that was not a love song because I didn’t know the boy and the idea of a love rap song did not seem to me attractive.
When I heard the song I was in love with it and the lyrics are so inspiring and charged with emotional intensity. We even did the recordings separately- I did mine alone and Bogi did his without me in the studio.
I found that this boy was Bogi when the song was ready. I think that he was very happy with my vocals. I was really careful not to make the song sound sloppy. The message of rap music is what matters most. Everything had to be done with taste so the words could be heard and understood.407221_2840771217151_769900428_n

The Video!

It was very funny that even one year after the video was ready some people were still asking “Is there really a video or it is just a lie? There is a video. It is not a lie.
Actually when we did the song we didn’t have any intentions to make a video clip. As everything in this world it happened by chance. The video was shot with was what available by some friend of us and a zero budget. Our friends Stefan Ochipalski and Teodor Baev brought the equipment from Varna to Kyustendil. I did my hair….without any idea in my mind and for three days we made the video here in Kyustendil.
Our town is beautiful and both of us were born and live here and we wanted to shoot the video in our town. I think there isn’t any other video clip shot here. 267343_2063953757200_2827055_n
The song was only promoted on line. We were not truly ambitious. I love this song and the lyrics. Bogi is great and I want to thank him for making me part of it.



Our second song

The second song is even more precious for us. And again the lyrics are a killer! This is the song I like singing when I am depressed and feeling sad. There is one really strong message in it to young people in Bulgaria and to those people who are feeling lost.
Bogi’s lyrics lack the banality and brutality that most rap songs have. They are meaningful. That is the reason why I had no doubts about taking part in the project. I just loved the songs. I could not imagine myself in some other combination.


Bogi himself keeps making new songs and I strongly recommend you to listen to them. If you like this kind of music you will definitely be interested. As you found out I am a big fan. Here is a list with some of my favourites!

We haven’t worked together for quite a long time but I hope that soon some magical song will appear and it will inspire us to make a new project!430804_2840744816491_1612323261_n

So if anybody has an interesting idea is welcome- I am open to any kind of collaborations. If you think that I can become part of your musical projects-you know where to find me!

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